Exposing Two Auto Diagnostic Misconceptions

30 June 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Technological advances have had a profound impact on every aspect of modern life, and this is particularly true when it comes to your car. Modern cars are equipped with advanced computer diagnostics that can alert you about a variety of issues that your car may be encountering. However, many drivers are uninformed about these diagnostic tools, and as a result, there is a chance that they may be placing faith in one of the following misconceptions. 

Myth: Only Professional Mechanics Have Access To Auto Diagnostic Computers

While you may be aware that your car has a diagnostic computer in it, you may be under the impression that only a professional automotive company, like Tate's Automotive, will have the equipment or training needed to analyze the results from the diagnostic computer. However, this is far from the case, and there are usually a variety of places where you can have your car's diagnostic computer analyzed. 

For example, there are many auto supply stores that are able to connect to your car's diagnostic and provide a readout of the current problem. In addition to this option, you will also be able to purchase a device that can provide these readouts. While this may be a significant investment, it will save you from having to pay the fees for these services. 

Myth: Diagnostic Computers Can Only Monitor The Vehicle's Engine

A common misconception about auto diagnostics is that it is only able to monitor the mechanical parts of the engine for problems. While it is true that this is one of the more commonly monitored areas, it is important to note that diagnostic computers have come to monitor a host of vital systems spread throughout the vehicle. 

One of the more common examples of this advancement stems from the ability of these systems to monitor the pressure in the tires of the car. Also, the diagnostic computer can alert you to problems with your vehicles electrical system. The enhanced ability of these systems to monitor your car makes it critical for you to pay attention to any warning that the diagnostics gives you. By having the computer checked at the first sign of the check engine light, you can quickly determine the cause and severity of the problem before it is allowed to cause substantial damages to your vehicle. 

The creation of the diagnostic computer for automobiles has revolutionized the way that vehicle problems are addressed. Unfortunately, allowing these two misconceptions to cloud your understanding of these diagnostic computers can cause you to fail to get the most from these devices.