3 Reasons You May Need To Visit An Auto Repair Shop

28 December 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Keeping your car in the best possible shape is important during all times of life. However, you may face challenges that will need to be addressed along the way. This may mean taking your car for a routine visit to your auto repair shop like Integrity Auto and Truck for a needed fix. By knowing some of the ways this type of mechanic can assist you, this can help you in knowing when to take your car in for service.

Reason #1: Squealing brakes

If you want to reach your destination as safely as possible, you must rely on brakes that are in good condition. By being able to make a sudden stop when necessary, this could potentially save your life at some point. Keeping your brakes working properly is critical to avoiding an accident.

However, if you hear your brakes start making a squealing noise each time you press down on them,  you may need to have this checked out and fast! Your brake pads could be wearing down, and you may need to have them replaced soon. Otherwise, the next time you attempt to stop, you simply may be unable to do so.

Reason #2: Bad transmission

Your transmission is a critical part of keeping your car going. This component works to keep the gear changed with ease, and this is important regardless where you may be driving to each day.

If you start to have gears that stick or whine while traveling down the road, you will want to get this checked out as quickly as possible. If you put this problem off, you may be facing more than a simple repair and dealing with a total transmission replacement instead.

Reason #3: Motor overheating

Any time you smell something burning or see smoke coming from underneath your hood while driving, this is not a good sign. This means you have a problem that should be thoroughly inspected by a professional.

If your motor is getting too hot, it may be out of the necessary coolant that should prevent this. However, if there is significant damage to your motor over time, you may need to put in a new one, and this is an expensive part of your vehicle.

Being able to get to where you need to go will depend on the condition of your car. Be sure to talk to your auto repair mechanic to assist you fixing any issues your car has today!