How To Prevent Transmission Failure

19 November 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Do you drive a manual transmission vehicle? If you do and are noticing a slight performance decreasing when shifting gears then you may be concern that your transmission may be on the verge of failing on you. Well, rather than put any more stress on your transmission, there are a few services that you will want to do to enhance the overall performance of your transmission, such as the following: 

Replace Fluid:

Only transmission fluid can do a great deal of harm to your transmission as your transmission fluid is what keeps the moving components within your transmission block lubricated. There are no specifics on when you need to replace your fluid, as someone who drives on the freeway more than in the city will put less stress on their transmission. However, if have been driving in the city and notice a burning smell coming from your car then it may be time to replace your fluid. Replacing your fluid won't only help keep the moving components in your transmission lubricated, but will also prevent overheating, which will help your transmission operate more efficiently.

Replace Your Clutch:

Does your car take a second to kick into a new gear after you have already shifted? If so, this could be because your clutch is slipping, which delays the response from your transmission. Failing to replace your clutch when this occurs can result in poor response time from your transmission, which can prevent your car from accelerating properly. This can impact the overall performance of your vehicle tremendously, which is why replacing your clutch is critical when any sign of gear slippage occurs.

Install a new Pan Gasket:

If your transmission is constantly leaking then you are putting your transmission at risk of major complications, such as overheating and corrosion. This can result in you having to have your transmission rebuilt, which can be very expensive. Well, rather than let your transmission continue to leak, consider replacing the pan gasket. Your gasket is what seals your fluid from escaping your transmission pan. Your mechanic will be able to install a new pan gasket while replacing your fluid, so definitely consider having them replace this component the next time you need to top off your transmission fluid.

By having these services done on your transmission, not only will you see a better performance when it comes to shifting gears, but you will also be able to avoid major and costly transmission complications from happening in the near future. So, rather than continue to add stress to your transmission by driving it around while it acts up, be sure to obtain repairs like these.