3 Reasons You May Need To Visit An Auto Repair Shop

28 December 2015
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Keeping your car in the best possible shape is important during all times of life. However, you may face challenges that will need to be addressed along the way. This may mean taking your car for a routine visit to your auto repair shop like Integrity Auto and Truck for a needed fix. By knowing some of the ways this type of mechanic can assist you, this can help you in knowing when to take your car in for service. Read More 

Want To Buy A Used Transmission? Here’s What You Should Know First

11 December 2015
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The transmission is one of the most common parts to fail on a vehicle. Unfortunately, most failures can be expensive – the going rate for a brand-new transmission ranges from $4,000 to $8,000, according to Angie's List. It's little wonder that a used transmission from your local used auto parts shop is often a better deal. Seeing is Believing Being a sealed unit, it can be hard to properly inspect a used transmission without taking it apart by hand. Read More 

How To Prevent Transmission Failure

19 November 2015
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Do you drive a manual transmission vehicle? If you do and are noticing a slight performance decreasing when shifting gears then you may be concern that your transmission may be on the verge of failing on you. Well, rather than put any more stress on your transmission, there are a few services that you will want to do to enhance the overall performance of your transmission, such as the following:  Read More 

Do You Know The Signs Of Bad Brakes?

2 November 2015
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If you've never had brake trouble before, it's difficult to know what all the little signs and symptoms are of brake trouble. Each car is slightly different, too, so a combination that let you know your first car was having brake trouble may not be the same combination in your second car. It helps to have an understanding of all the different symptoms so you can stay on the lookout. Read More 

Searching For A Used Semi Truck

15 October 2015
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If you are thinking about getting started in doing independent trucking hauls, and you are not yet in possession of your own semi truck, you may have considered purchasing a used one to get started in your new venture. Used semis can prove to be quite profitable when you are first starting out as you will be able to make the hauls without having huge truck payments to deal with. This will allow you to save up for a new one while getting used to the procedures needed to do your job effectively. Read More