Live In A Flood-Prone Area? Here's How To Protect Your Car

16 June 2015
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Living in a flood-prone area can put all of your possessions at risk, including your vehicle. Luckily, there are things that you can do to help prepare and protect your vehicle from potential floods. Follow these tips, and you can have peace of mind in regards to your vehicle:

Add Hydraulics

You have probably seen car hydraulics in movies, where they are often showcased on cars that "bounce" or "jump" up and down. However, hydraulics have a more practical use as well -- lifting your car off of the ground to help prevent flood damage.

If you install hydraulics on your car, you can lift your vehicle up higher to help protect it from flood damage. Then, you can lift your car if you think that a flood might be coming and anchor your tires in place with cinder blocks.

This can help prevent your car from being damaged by the water or swept away. Any shop that offers hydraulic installation or repair should be able to help you install these components on your vehicle.

Use Vinyl Floor Mats

Swap out your upholstered floor mats for vinyl floor mats. This is one way to help prevent damage to your car if flood water does happen to get in. Then, you can simply pull the floor mats out and dump off any water that might have accumulated on them.

Cover Your Upholstery

Consider investing in vinyl seat covers that fit tightly on your car. Then, you can help prevent your seats from being damaged during a flood. Another option is to cover them with tight-fitting plastic sheeting when you think that a flood might be approaching.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Look over your insurance policy, and make sure that your car will be covered in the event that there is a flood. If you do not have  this coverage, you will need to add comprehensive coverage to your insurance policy while ensuring that the coverage amount is high enough to pay for flood damage. Make sure that you keep the amount of your deductible in your bank account so that you can pay it if your car is flooded.

If you live in a flood-prone area, you probably worry about damage to your car. Luckily, following these tips can help you prepare your car for potential floods so that you don't have as much to worry about. Then, you can focus on preparing your home and your family for potential floods instead of worrying about your car.

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