Mobile Truck Repair | A Closer Look For Owner-Operator Drivers

10 September 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When making the delivery on schedule is part of your job, problems with your rig on the roadway can be a huge stumbling block, not only threatening the timeliness of one load, but your working relationship with a customer. When you need to get back up and going on your way as soon as possible, a mobile truck repair can be an owner-operator trucker's best friend. However, mobile truck repair services are more commonly contracted by fleet owners and big trucking businesses than owner-operator truck drivers. Here are a few of the biggest questions you likely have about mobile truck repair services as a truck driver who owns your own rig.

Do you have to already be a contract holder to be serviced by a mobile truck repair company?

This will ultimately depend on the company that you are working with, as some companies specialize in servicing only on a contract basis. However, signing an initial contract with a mobile service repair company is actually a good idea with some beneficial kickbacks to take advantage of as an owner-operator customer. For example, some companies offer discounted service calls or even free in-station checkups to contract holders. Plus, as a contracted customer, your help calls will take precedence over customers who have no affiliation with the company.

What forms of payment are accepted and will you be billed up front for services?

Most mobile truck repair companies do not bill up front for the services when they are rendered, but send you a bill. If you choose to go ahead and pay for services, most payment options are accepted by the repair technicians and many even have point-of-sale debit and credit card readers in their vehicles.

Do mobile truck repair companies also offer tire services?

Mobile truck repair services make sure they make available a range of services for their customers, including tire servicing and replacement when you are in the middle of an over-the-road run. You can have replacement tires delivered to your location, have tires retreaded while on the side of the road, and even just have your tires checked for pressure safety.

When it comes down to it, it really does not matter if you are only an operator who owns their own truck or you manage an entire fleet, mobile truck repair companies offer a valuable service in the industry. If you have additional questions, talk to a mobile truck repair representative for more information.