Auto Body Repair Tips

18 August 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Auto body repair is expensive. When you get a ding or a scratch on your car you should consider fixing the damage yourself. Unless there is extensive damage you may not need the help of a mechanic. Here are some auto body repair tips and tricks:

1. For shallow scratches you can do a touch-up paint job yourself. Look on the inside of your car door frame or in the owner's manual for the paint code. This will tell you what color your touch-up paint should be. Use 2000 grit sandpaper to buff the scratch and prepare it for paint. Clean the area with water and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Apply the paint and allow it to dry. Use a rubbing compound to blend the area.

2. You can repair interior scratches yourself. There are special scratch remover kits designed for plastic interiors. The process is similar to repairing scratches on the outside of your car. Simply sand and buff the scratch, paint it, and blend it with the rest of the area.

3. If you have a minor dent on your car you may be able to pull it out yourself. Prepare the dent by pouring soapy water over it. Then stick a plunger over the area and pull. The water will create enough suction with the plunger that you can pop the dent back out. You can also apply a piece of wood to the edges of the dent and use a hammer against the wood to pop the metal back into place.

4. For small windshield chips, use a windshield repair kit. A windshield repair kit fills the chip and prevents it from spreading. Here are the steps on how to use a repair kit:

  • Clean the chipped area with a razor blade.
  • Apply the ring so it's centered over the chip. Make sure the suction cups are firmly attached.
  • Screw the collector into the center of the ring.
  • Pour 4 drops of resin into the collector.
  • Screw the tube into the collector. This ensures that all the resin fills the chip.
  • Pump the tube to remove any air bubbles and remove.
  • Remove the entire device by pulling on the suction cups. Allow the area to dry completely for ten minutes and clean with a razor blade.

5. If you have any scratches or windshield cracks that you plan on getting repaired, use clear nail polish to keep things from getting worse. Apply clear nail polish to a scratch or scrape to prevent rust from forming. A coat of clear nail polish will also keep a chip or crack on your windshield from getting bigger. This buys you time until you can get to an auto body shop.

If you know the right tips on auto body repair, you can save yourself money on costly repairs. Remember that for any major damage you should always have a professional like one from Collision One make the repairs.