Collision Damage: 3 Areas Where Technicians Pay Special Attention To During Their Assessment

1 June 2015
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With research suggesting that you will file a car insurance claim after a car accident roughly every 18 years, it can be helpful to understand what it is that collision damage experts look for when determining the extent of the damage of your vehicle. Here are the three most integral components of your car when it comes to safety and how technicians determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced:

1. Door Panels

When you are involved in a side collision, the door panels are what typically sustain the most damage. In some cases, the damage may be minor and a full door panel installation is not necessary. This is usually true if there is not severe denting. However, if there is major misalignment of the door to where there is not a straight gap to allow the door to open and close properly, a new panel will be required to ensure the door functions effectively.

2. Bumpers and Fenders

As a general rule, most vehicle collisions involve the front and/or back of the vehicle. 2012 statistics show that rear-end collisions account for 28 percent of all accidents. The bumpers and fenders on a vehicle are designed to absorb a significant amount of the impact in a wreck so that anyone inside the cabin of the car is protected. However, this doesn't mean that they can't sustain serious damage. This is particularly true since the bumper and fenders are made of a lightweight material. If the bumper or fender suffers severe denting or major cracks, a replacement is usually needed. Minor cracks and scratches can typically be repaired by a professional with ease.

3. Windshields

When a collision occurs, it isn't uncommon for the windshield to sustain damage, like chips and cracks. Usually it is minor damage unless the glass is penetrated by something during the collision. Even if a crack appears to be extremely minor at first glance, it can expand over time. Since the windshield provides structural support for the vehicle, the growth of small issues can be a serious liability. Therefore, it is important that the glass is closely and thoroughly examined to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. A professional collision repair expert will inspect for damage of the windshield regardless of whether they can visibly see any cracks and chips in the glass.

Most collision repair experts are very meticulous with their work and can easily detect irregularities in vehicles after an accident. They must perform a very thorough and complete top-to-bottom and front-to-back examination to ensure that they provide the most accurate quote and perform the highest quality of repairs. This is so that you can feel safe when you get back onto the road with your repaired post-collision vehicle.

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