Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Paint Color For Your Car

13 May 2015
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Choosing a paint color for your car isn't always an easy decision. After all, there are a multitude of paint colors available, and color popularity varies depending on your location, the vehicle type, and the year. So, before you make an appointment with your local auto body shop, choose the perfect paint color for your car by considering these things.


If you drive your car on a regular basis, it's important to keep things simple. You should choose a color that you won't get sick of quickly, can be retouched easily, and won't go out of style in a few years. Not only will sticking with a more traditional car color make it easier for you to sell your vehicle in the long run, but it won't cost you a small fortune if you have to fix a tiny scratch or ding.

You should consider making a bolder statement if you're having a car painted that will be used for fun. For example, if you're painting a car that will only be used for car shows, it's likely that you'll want a more elaborate paint job so that you car attracts more attention. Also, because you won't be driving the car on a regular basis, it's less likely that you'll need to get the paint job touched up, so you aren't risking a lot of money by choosing a paint color and scheme that's bold and trendy.

Car Style

The year, make, and model of the car you're painting should play a large role in your decision. For example, if you're restoring a classic car, stick with a paint color that's original to the vehicle. After all, if you paint a car from the 1950s a color that's trendy now, but wasn't then, it won't look authentic. If you want your classic car to have an eye-catching paint job, consider choosing a design specific to the car's decade, such as putting red and orange flames on a classic black hot rod.

Also, black is a great choice for cars used in car shows. Not only does the dark color hide flaws and dirt, but it makes a great base for graphics. If you don't want a paint job that includes graphics, opt for a bright color -- as long as that color was available when the car was originally made.

Your Personality

Did you know that the color of car that you choose says a lot about your personality? Well, according to Fox Business, it does. For example, people are drawn to white vehicles for several different reasons, including:

  • White cars signify good taste and elegance.
  • White is associated with honesty, so choosing a white car could indicate that you're an honest person.
  • People who live in hotter climates often choose white vehicles because the lighter color means that the car won't absorb as much heat.

Other car colors also show off different aspects of your personality, such as:

  • A red car could indicate that you're a go-getter. However, men and women tend to choose red vehicles for different reasons. For women, red vehicles often represent fun and confidence. For men, driving a red car often shows that they are trying to make a statement about their social or financial status.
  • Blue cars represent stability, happiness, and practicality, making it a more common choice for moms who want to project a stable family appearance.
  • Owning a gray car indicates that your dignified and mature, while owning a silver car indicates security and style. However, silver is also a car color that's more practical than white or black. Silver cars stay cooler than black cars, and silver cars are easier to keep clean than white cars.
  • Black is a power color. Driving a black car shows importance. It indicates that you're classy and in control.

Ultimately, the color you choose to paint your car is up to you. As long as you consider the car's primary function and type, as well as your personal preferences, it's easy to determine a color for your car.

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