Answers For A Couple Of Common Auto Glass Replacement Questions

13 January 2015
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It is an unfortunate fact of life that your car's windshield will likely sustain damage at some point during its lifetime. When this happens, it can make the car unsafe to drive, but many people may avoid having the glass replaced because they do not know what to expect from this process. In particular, it is not uncommon for there to be a couple of questions that new auto glass replacement customers may need addressed when they are considering their options. 

Will A New Windshield Be Prone To Leaking?

Some individuals may assume that their new windshields will not fit the car as securely as the original, and there is a belief that this can lead to leaks during storms. In addition to being a nuisance, a leaking windshield can also result in substantial damage to the interior of the car. However, it should be noted that is rarely a problem that car owners should worry about. 

When a replacement piece of glass is installed, it is cut to perfectly match the dimensions of the original auto glass. Also, special weatherstripping is installed along with the glass. This stripping will prevent water from seeping into the car. Together, these two factors will help ensure that the inside of your car stays dry when you have a new windshield installed. 

How Long Should You Expect It To Take For A Windshield Replacement?

Another reason that individuals may avoid taking their car in to have the glass replaced is that they are concerned it will take too long to complete. This should not be a surprising concern given that most people have fairly hectic daily schedules. However, this is not a concern that most people should have when it comes to getting this repair work done to the car. 

Typically, replacing a windshield can be completed in an hour or less, and much of this time will be to allow the glue that holds the new glass in place to fully dry. Also, some auto glass professionals will come to your home or place of business, and this can help ensure that you are able to get your auto glass replaced or repaired without causing unnecessary disruptions to your daily life. 

Damaged auto glass can make it extremely unsafe to operate your car, but this routine problem is something that many people will avoid correcting because they do not fully understand the process. By realizing that the new piece of glass is unlikely to leak and that this repair does not have to be overly inconvenient, you will be better able to have this mundane problem corrected before it results in you being involved in an accident or receiving an expensive ticket.

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